SIS has long had a strong football programme running as an extra-curricular programme and producing great results. In 2013, the school’s junior boys team competed in the Mediterranean Cup, in Verona, Italy, and returned with the 1st place gold trophy in the Under 15 division.

The Academy model at SIS, which has been running for five successful years with the Sotogrande International Golf Academy (SIGA), focuses on three levels of integration of the school programme and athletics, as you can see from the graphic below.

In the area of football, SIS offers a robust, broad and inclusive programme of football that provides every student, regardless of age or gender or ability, the opportunity to gain a bedrock foundation of skills in the sport. This is done via scheduled curricular time and supported by friendly after-school practice, casual matches against local schools, and more formal regional tournaments.


In addition, through a partnership with the football club in the local village of Castellar de la Frontera, all interested students are provided with a structured opportunity to play for a Spanish Liga team and compete in this formal team in the local region.

The school facilitates this by working with FC Castellar to organize teams and coaches, and provides logistical support for participation in weekly training and games. The opportunity to participate in a Liga team is an important part of our sports pyramid – and provides students with a chance to participate in the sport at a deep level that is firmly embedded in Spanish cultural and athletic tradition.

At the elite stage, SIFA provides students with an opportunity to develop concentrated skills at a more intensive level within the school curriculum, via a special and focused group, as well as train, practice and compete as an elite squad in local, regional and international competitions.

For more information on football at SIS or the sports scholarship programme please contact us.

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