International A Levels


Sotogrande International School has developed a 2 year Educational Programme for students who want to pursue their passion whether it be, Golf, Tennis, Football, Music or any of the other specialist opportunities available on our beautiful coast enjoying high level coaching while still achieving academic success. It is our aim at Sotogrande International School to inspire students to realise their full potential as young adults, learners and individuals who can set and attain personal goals.

This exciting option for 16-19 year olds provides academic tuition for International A Levels weekdays  from 2pm, while allowing time for students to focus their mornings at one of the excellent academies in the area. Our ACES programme also offers academic options for younger children and provides information on our outstanding sporting partners.

International A Levels


International A Level courses are accessible to elite sporting students who have successfully completed any pre-16 qualifications eg MYP, I/GCSE etc, and who are enrolled with a sporting academy. Lessons are delivered in the afternoon/evening by a team of highly-qualified teachers using the  outstanding facilities at Sotogrande International School.

International A Level students can select to study 2 or 3 subjects from the following options;

English Literature, Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics, Physical Education*

*British A Level course

inspiring learning

We work alongside some of the best sporting academies in the area and, in conjunction with them, each student receives a clear pathway and will understand what they need to achieve in order to gain access to the best sporting opportunities and scholarships available worldwide.


A Level students also have the opportunity to board at Sotogrande International Boarding House, which provides a rewarding and enriching environment in which to live. Students receive exceptional accommodation, pastoral care and academic support.


International A Levels is recognised worldwide as university preparatory courses when achieving the required grades. Furthermore, we have developed strong relationships with both the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), both of whom assist students with aspirations of playing sport at university level in America.

For more information about our International A Level Courses or to apply for a place please

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