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The activity provision at Sotogrande International School and the Boarding House is exceptional. As a result, Boarders truly do have the best of both worlds. Whilst they can enjoy the great range of activities provided by the School, the Boarding House also offers an extensive activity package that Boarders can take advantage of during the week and at the weekend.

Weekend Activities

It is our firm belief that we offer the best Boarding weekend activity provision in the world. Our students have the chance to participate in truly outstanding, memory-making experiences. Over the last academic year, these activities have included the following:

  • Helicopter flying
  • Speedboat riding
  • PADI Scuba Certification and Dives
  • Kitesurfing
  • Live sporting events such as watching Real Madrid play football, Unicaja play basketball and professional motorcycling
  • Cinema trips
  • Cultural events such as local Ferias and visits to surrounding cities
  • Tenpin bowling
  • FootGolf
  • Bubble football
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And a HUGE amount more that we can’t fit in this space here but do have a look at the photos and videos for a sense of what we offer!

We do continually look to push boundaries and take students outside of their comfort zones, in a supportive and safe manner. We place a strong emphasis on experiential learning within the School and we certainly carry this philosophy enthusiastically into the Boarding House.

Boarding Activities img
Boarding Activities img
Boarding Activities img
Midweek Activities

Each evening from 2030-2130, there is always a popular Boarding activity provided which the students can opt to participate in. These activities range from using the School site for weekly indoor football, to fiercely competed quizzes(!), to the more sedate cookery classes in the Diploma kitchen.

Our aim is to provide students with different interests, varying activities in which to participate. Amongst teenagers especially, there does seem to be a constant battle in tearing them away from their screen time and it is our aim by providing exciting, educational activities that we are able to do this. Some of the midweek activities that we have included as part of the Boarding provision can be found below:

  • Cookery
  • Language workshops
  • Sports competitions
  • News quizzes
  • Fitness sessions
  • Supermarket trips
  • Chess nights
  • Trampolining
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Boarding Activities img
Boarding Activities img
Boarding Activities img
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