The Residence is staffed by the Director of Residential Life Charles Debenham,  his wife, and a team of dedicated supervisors who interact with the students in many different activities during the week and at weekends. Whether you are coming for one term, or for six years, when you arrive you will be allocated one of our team as your mentor, who will help you to create and manage your own bespoke SIS boarding experience.

We believe young people thrive and grow when the ‘whole person’ is educated. This means our boarding programme encourages students to engage all aspects of themselves; the intellectual, the physical, the creative and the spiritual. We all learn best when we stimulate all of the senses together, and engage both our mental and physical selves.

Our brains work best when every part is stimulated; playing sport, believe it or not, helps you get better at maths! Imagine yourself as an orchestra; it’s only when all parts are playing together and in harmony that you are at your best!

There is a growing programme of exciting activities and sports which include both day and boarding students, further prospering the interconnectivity of all our students. Some of the activities already on offer:

  • kitesurfing and other water sports in Tarifa
  • horseriding
  • golf
  • tennis
  • fitness training centre
  • music studio and practice room
  • football
  • music, drama and art
  • charity projects in collaboration with the school’s NGO, The Kindred Project

Students will be encouraged to engage in a wide range of activities, and reflect upon how their boarding experience enhances the unique, personalised education SIS provides, and helps them to grow as learners and as people. They will have the time to engage fully in becoming Global Citizens by helping others at the boarding house, in the local community and in projects further afield.

Our expectation is that students do a minimum of three ‘activities’ a week (activities happen outside the normal school day; at lunchtimes, after lessons or at weekends). At least one of these activities should involve physical activity, and ideally one should be creative. For example if you are a sporty type, why not try learning a musical instrument in your spare time? Or if your real passion is acting, you might want to take time out with some recreational kick- boxing! Of course on occasion we welcome a student who has already found their passion, and wants to focus more narrowly. That’s great, and we are delighted to support this.

If there is something you love, which we don’t currently do, or if there’s something you’d like to try, just let us know! We’ll do all we can to make it happen. After all, that’s what SIS is all about; helping you try new things and find your passion.


Sailing & Kitesurf


Golf training in alcaidesa


Paddle Boarding


Tennis & Padel


Horse Riding


Film camp


Football Training


Music Academy

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